Norwegian Electrotechnical Association Meeting, Grimstad
(Oct 14th 2015)

Rotem Shneor from University of Agder talk about Crowdfunding in the Nordics during the upcoming Meeting of the Norwegian Electrotechnical Association in Grimstad Norway.

Danish Crowdfunding Association - Pitch Night
(Sep 30th 2015)

September 30th 2015 we are once again having a crowdfunding pitch night for projects ready to launch.

Already we have AND ICE on stage to pitch their project which is aimed to revolutionize the ice cube industry. More pitches will be announced.

You can register here: Link to the Danish Crowdfunding Association event:

Boost your Business event in Helsinki
(Sep 17th 2015)

Mesenaatti is sitting in the jury in a pitching competition at Boost your Business event in Helsinki.

You can register here:

The Future of Crowdfunding: Conference in Reykjavik
(Sep 10th 2015)

The program will feature presentation by experts in different fields of crowdfunding, with a special emphasis on the Nordic region. Creators and entrepreneurs from across the region will attend and pitch their crowdfunding projects live.

Admission is free, but we kindly ask you to register here:

Crowd Dialog, Helsinki
(Aut 27th 2015)

Lasse Mäkelä from Invesdor talk about Equity Crowdfunding in Crowd Dialog in Helsinki Finland.

Lista Business Region Spring Meeting, Lyngdal
(May 21st 2015)

Rotem Shneor from University of Agder talk about Crowdfunding in the Nordics during the Lista Business Region Spring Meeting in Lyngdal Norway.

Digitalkonferansen - Kristiansand
(Mar 18th 2015)

André Gresmo Johansen from, Andre Di Piertantonio from Invesdor, and Rotem Shneor from University of Agder talk about Crowdfunding in the Nordics, and focused crowdfunding seminar during the Digital Industry Conference in Kristiansand Norway. (not active anymore)

NCA's Denmark reach out event – Crowd15
(Feb 26-27th 2015)

Crowd15 is the leading Nordic Crowd Event for entrepreneurs and start-ups. The Crowd Revolution is drastically changing the way we generate ideas, solve problems, drive innovation, do business, get funding, engage people and more. Now YOU can gain new insights into these trends! Discover how you can use crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to start up your business or move it to the next level.

NCA's Norway reach out event
(Feb 6th 2015)

The 1st Norwegian Crowdfunding Event will be an exciting meeting place for crowdfunding campaigners, backers, investors, community members, fans and critics. The event will offer excellent networking, dialogue and learning experiences for anyone interested in crowdfunding and its impact on society, entrepreneurs and markets.

NCA's Helsinki reach out event
(Nov 6th 2014)

Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance's Finnish members, the equity based Invesdor and reward based held the first of the alliance's series of reach out events in Helsinki on the Thursday 6th of November at a new restaurant Pjazza. In addition to presenting the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance to the audience, some of the most important trends in the field were discussed.

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