Hot summer for reward Crowdfunding in Denmark

Two exceptionally successful campaigns on our member platform – crowdfunding på dansk jointly raised over DKK 760.000 from over 2000 supporters. Check them out here:

“LØS market – zero packaging grocery store 100% organic” raised DKK 365K from 1582 supporters:…/loes-market-nul-emballage-100-…/

“Velocator: Smart GPS-tracking for bicycles” raised over DKK 401K from 562 supporters:…/velocator-smart-gps-sporing-ti…/

Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance welcomes SparkUp as its newest member

France-based SparkUp is setting up in the Nordic market with a first bridgehead in Norway. Camilla Helena Andersson, an experienced Norwegian entrepreneur and investor is leading this operation, currently working on building infrastructure for the facilitation of independent equity crowdfunding campaigns by Nordic companies, using SparkUp’s unique technology and system.

The Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance is delighted to welcome SparkUp as  a new member of its strategic partnership of stakeholders in the Nordic crowdfunding scene. While SparkUp is not a crowdfunding platform per se, it is an innovative technology provider for the management of equity crowdfunding campaigns by entrepreneurs based on social funding, marketing automation and behavioral email marketing. SparkUp enriches the pool of existing possibilities for entrepreneurial fundraising, by proposing the first technology that multiplies tenfold the financing potential of companies’ networks.”

For more info see:

SparkUp Logo rectangle - fond gris


Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance and FinTech Factory Oslo Partnering Up

The Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance is delighted to join hands with the FintechFactory™ – a new and exciting accelerator program dedicated to Fintech companies and entrepreneurs in Norway. The partners will share information about developments and new ventures emerging in the FinTech sector and will promote each other as relevant solution providers. The alliance happily cooperates with all initiatives sharing its vision of a crowdfunding-friendly Nordic region in general, and supporting crowdfunding platforms in the region in particular.

Check the


Karolina Fund wins national Best Social Tech Startup Award for 2016 and nominated for regional Nordic StartUp Award

The Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance is proud of its member platform – Karolina Fund for winning the Icelandic national finals of the Nordic Startup Awards in the Best Social Tech Startup Category for 2016.

Please support by voting for Karolina Fund for its excellent contribution to the crowdfunding revolution in our region.

Reward Crowdfunding Record broken on Iceland’s Karolina Fund

Icelandic reward crowdfunding record broken on our member platform Karolina Fund, raising – EUR 100,170.

The funds were raised by Reykjavik Media. It was established by the journalists who broke the sensational story that brought to the resignation of the Icelandic prime minister following his links to a bank account in a tax haven. The crowd was resolute in its support of their work and their new Icelandic Media dedicated to unsparing investigative journalism. joins partnership to fight poverty in Oslo

In a joint partnership with norwegian company Grand Plan and the poor house in Oslo, is now turning to the people of Norway to help fight poverty in Oslo. 18% of Oslos children under 18 years are living in a household with an income that is lower than 60% of the median income.
Fattighuset Oslo is a non-profit organization providing a wide variety of services to the poor people in Oslo. Read more about the campaign at

Invesdor first in Europe to receive an EEA-wide licence to boost cross-border crowdfunding in SME sector

Invesdor first in Europe to receive an EEA-wide licence to boost cross-border crowdfunding in SME sector
Helsinki-based financial technology company Invesdor has been granted a MiFID licence by the Finnish authorities. Invesdor intends to offer debt and equity crowdfunding services across all 31 EEA countries.

Invesdor is now the first crowdfunding platform to receive this level of operational licence for investment advice, reception and transmission of orders and placing of financial instruments. Invesdor supports European Commission’s drive to harmonise financial regulations across Europe.
“Making the fundraising process fair, transparent and standardised for all participants is very important for us” says Invesdor co-founder and CEO Lasse Mäkelä. “We give growth companies an alternative way of fundraising, and with the passportable licence we will be able to scale our business across Europe” he adds.

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